About Us


Nestled in a valley known for springtime pear blossoms and sweet summer peaches, Aleatha Isaacs spins a yarn of ethereal passion. Cashmere fiber as soft as an angel’s kiss is the fiber most commonly used in this coveted yarn. Dyed cottage style in small batches with a personal caress through the entire process. The colors of Tanglewood are like the twilight landscape after a rain.


Aleatha believes that handspun yarn should take the knitting into the realm of exquisite one of a kind art.  Her labors have brought her yarns to the highest levels of technical production, winning the 2014 Champion Yarn at the Black Sheep Gathering. But her love for spinning has produced the magic. She says, “Being passionate about making hand-spun yarn fills the yarn with the joy that I feel while making it. The energy fills each skein of yarn, to the brim, with positive warmth that radiates out. When it connects with a crochet or knitter’s energy, the end product is second to none."

Picking up the legacy started by Trish Andersen, Aleatha will continue to spin Tanglewood yarn into the “Era of Knitting Decadence.”


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